Civil Rights Policy - Political Parties and Stances

Since America’s infancy, the topic of racial disparity has long plagued political conversation. While race relations have gotten better with time, Democrats and Republicans have come to a crossroads: Have Race Relations reached an apex, or are there still problems left to remedy? Pew Research Center’s RACE IN AMERICA 2019 found that Democrats tend to have a more negative view of the current state of race relations than Republicans. About two-thirds of Democrats (67%) say race relations are bad, while Republicans are more evenly divided (46% say race relations are bad and 52% say they are good). So, both Democrats and Republicans believe that there are still problems left to remedy with respect to Civil Rights.

Polling from Monmouth University found that 43% of Republicans opposed the teaching of critical race theory in public schools compared with 5% of Democrats. Majorities of Republicans (54%) and Democrats (94%) were in favor of teaching about historical racism.

Civil Rights News

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