Government Stimulus Policy - Political Parties and Stances

The Covid-19 Pandemic ravaged the world in late 2019 and early 2020, killing 6.3 million people worldwide, in which 1.01 million were from the United States. Seeing the disastrous effect that the pandemic would have on not only the people but the economy, the government began to issue stimulus checks in an attempt to help people afford essential items whilst the country was shut down and jobs were being lost at a record pace. During the height of the Covid-pandemic, nearly two-thirds of Republicans (65%) said an additional package would be necessary, compared with about nine-in-ten (92%) Democrats. The politicians of the Republican and Democratic parties did not adhere to the beliefs of the party in the electorate and rather took an entirely different stance. While the Democrats rallied for another stimulus release, nearly all Republicans refused to vote for the stimulus. This is best shown by way of H.R. 1319, a bill to grant stimulus relief to qualifying Americans- wherein 100% of Democrats voted for another stimulus, and 100% of Republicans voted against another stimulus. Due to the Democrat’s control of the Senate, the stimulus was passed.

Government Stimulus News

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