Russia Sanctions Policy - Political Parties and Stances

Since the era of the Cold War, the fear of the Russian Government and its potential to invade America has long plagued the American psyche. However, unlike in the Cold War era, Americans are reluctant to refer to Russia as an enemy, rather they are more likely to consider them as competition. Half of Republicans regard Russia as a competitor to the U.S., while 39% say it is an enemy. Among Democrats and Democratic leaners, 49% view Russia as a competitor, while 43% see it as an enemy. As of recently, in great part due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, these numbers are likely to be inflated. Nonetheless, the Senate and House of Representatives unanimously voted on Bill H.R. 6969, a bill that aimed to cease the importation of Russian Oil. This voting record observed alongside the inflated statistics regarding Russians as enemies (due to the invasion of Ukraine) can only lead to the conclusion that most Americans see Russia as an enemy of the United States, and thus, a threat to America as a nation.

Russia Sanctions News

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