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Prosecution Rests in Trump's Hush Money Trial

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Contributing sentiments towards policy:

57% : "As has been discussed at length, Democrats need a Trump conviction before the November election, especially as President Joe Biden is trailing Trump in the polls overall and in key swing states.
44% : "Trump hasn't even started telling his story to the jury," Larry added, calling the case so far "a debacle!"Law Professor Jonathan Turley has been following along with the case and commenting on social media, which included offering his own amusing thoughts about Cohen's admittances as well as how the disgraced former attorney may even run for Congress.
42% : This way they can hang the "convicted felon" label around Trump, leading just enough voters to potentially rethink their vote in what's looking to be a close and competitive election.
41% : Bragg charged Trump with felonies in the case when he could have brought the charges as misdemeanors, was using an untested legal theory, and after the statute of limitations had expired.
40% : Trump was indicted by a grand jury in late March of last year and arraigned last April on 34 charges.
39% : Remember, everything revolves around Cohen, who is now claiming to be a patsy who was just doing the bidding of Trump in cutting the check to Stormy Daniels.
33% : Particularly of note is how former Trump attorney Michael Cohen who is also a convicted perjurer and one of the prosecution's witnesses, admitted to stealing from Trump.
33% : Of course, we could see a wrench thrown into the situation if Trump himself testifies, something we'll have to stay tuned for.
32% : Another legal expert to watch is Alan Dershowitz, who has defended Trump at length, despite being a Democrat who is vocal about how he's voted against him and looks forward to voting against him in the future as well.
31% : Then again, this trial has gone so poorly for the prosecution, it's possible that Trump could actually be acquitted.
21% : It would also possibly be a way out of Biden having to debate Trump, with the first debate between the two scheduled for June 27 with CNN.
16% : Trump's legal team later highlighted that Cohen had repeatedly told the press and others that Trump did not know about the payment.
16% : Additionally, there's been revelations about how Cohen was actually speaking to a 14-year-old prank phone caller as opposed to Trump and how he taped Trump's conversations behind his back.
13% : Regardless as to if he takes the stand or not, Trump has been speaking out quite a bit, and earlier on Monday gave remarks highlighting how the case against him is a "witch hunt" and criticized Biden as well as "the highly political judge."

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