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Riot police at UCLA campus close in after night of violent anti-Israel clashes

May 02, 2024 View Original Article
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74% : Anti-Israel voices are often highly sensitive about what they view as the improper conflation of anti-Zionism and antisemitism, while groups like the Anti-Defamation League view anti-Zionism as antisemitic for invoking anti-Jewish tropes.
69% : Yaroslavsky, who represents Los Angeles City Council District 5, said the clashes between anti-Israel protesters and pro-Israel counterprotesters are out of control and have created an unsafe campus.
66% : As anti-Israel protests continue to plague college campuses across the country, Northwestern University has reached a deal with the protesters, sparking concern from many about the conditions.
66% : "When will the president himself, not his mouthpieces, condemn these hate-filled Little Gazas?"  On Tuesday, the White House condemned the mob of anti-Israel protesters who violently seized a building at Columbia University late Monday, saying "hate speech and hate symbols have no place in America.""President
66% : The University of California, Los Angeles canceled classes Wednesday after police in riot gear broke up fights between anti-Israel protesters and counter-demonstrators on campus overnight.
64% : Police have already arrested hundreds of student protesters for various crimes at anti-Israel encampments across the country.
64% : A university in California was forced to change its commencement later this month in the wake of anti-Israel protests and unrest on campus that resulted in agitators occupying two academic buildings.
63% : Officials at Stanford University submitted a photo of someone on campus wearing a green headband worn by Hamas terrorist fighters to the FBI as the school struggles to reign in anti-Israel protesters camping overnight on school property. 
62% : The NYPD Wednesday evening were warning anti-Israel protesters outside Fordham University to begin clearing the area or face arrest.
62% : The commencement is scheduled for Saturday, May 11, 2024.The forced change comes after police arrested dozens of anti-Israel agitators while forcibly removing them from occupying Siemens Hall and Nelson Hall East on Tuesday.
62% : He emphasized that outside agitators infiltrated student protests and that police were brought in after peaceful protest transformed into "a place where antisemitism and anti-Israel attitudes were pervasive.""I
59% : Brown University on Tuesday reached an agreement with anti-Israel protesters on its Ivy League campus to end the encampment there.
59% : Officers with the New York City Police Department restored the American flag on the City College of New York campus after it was replaced with a Palestinian flag by anti-Israel agitators during a protest.
59% : In similar fashion to nearby Columbia University, CCNY had been experiencing days of anti-Israel protests on campus as agitators called for the university to divest from Israel and for a cease-fire in Gaza, among other things.
58% : California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday issued a statement in response to overnight violence at UCLA during anti-Israel protests.
57% : His comments came after a Monday deadline passed for anti-Israel protesters to leave an academic building they had taken over at Columbia University.
57% : New York City Police Department released footage from the raid on Hamilton Hall, which had been taken over by anti-Israel protesters this week.
56% : "This is not a matter of political ideology but of basic decency and respect for our fellow citizens.
54% : The House voted to expand the legal definition of antisemitism used to enforce anti-discrimination laws at a time when anti-Israel protests are raging at college campuses across the country.
54% : Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass announced Los Angeles police have arrived at UCLA to gain control of campus after hours of chaos between anti-Israel protesters and pro-Israel counterprotesters."The
53% : Police at Emory University in Georgia have announced the arrest of a "convicted felon who crossed state lines to come to campus" to participate in anti-Israel demonstrations. 
52% : A letter from Fordham’s Vice President for Student Affairs Michele C. Burris told the protesters they have been suspended from “on-campus housing assignment, classes, final examinations, and all events including senior week and commencement.”The letter directs them to "leave Fordham University property."Officers were on scene, keeping people confined to the sidewalk, as a crowd could be heard chanting: “Free free free Palestine.”  University of Wisconsin in Madison Police arrested at least 34 people Wednesday morning in connection with anti-Israel demonstrations on campus.
52% : Rep. August Pfluger, R-Texas, will soon introduce legislation that would withhold federal financial aid from student protesters convicted of rioting or attacking police in the latest wave of anti-Israel unrest, Fox News Digital has learned.
50% : Anti-Israel demonstrations resumed at Emory University Wednesday as protesters entered the undergraduate admissions building.
50% : Law enforcement officers determined the package did not pose a threat and Emory issued an all-clear at 4:03 p.m."The lockdown was listed around 4 p.m.New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday slammed protester who flew Palestinian flags above universities during anti-Israel demonstrations, calling the act “despicable.”
49% : House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., is calling for the removal of Columbia University President Dr. Nemat "Minouche" Shafik, after a mob of anti-Israel agitators took over an academic building early Tuesday morning.
49% : Shortly before the deadline, protest organizers were handing out supplies to use in preparation for potential pepper spray or tear gas used by police.
49% : The New York City Police Department released footage Tuesday night of its raid inside a Columbia University building after being given permission to take it back from anti-Israel agitators. Hamilton Hall, which was overtaken late Monday night, was cleared at around 11 p.m. Tuesday after a nearly two-hour operation by NYPD officers, most of whom were in riot gear.
48% : An NYPD bus was splattered with red paint outside Fordham University Wednesday, hours after an encampment was formed during anti-Israel demonstrations.
47% : Students at Fordham University began forming “Gaza solidarity” encampments at Fordham University early Wednesday, the latest among anti-Israel demonstrations that have swept college campuses nationwide.
45% : The renewed demonstrations come after dozen were arrested last week in connection with anti-Israel demonstrations.
43% : If passed by the Senate and signed by President Biden, the bipartisan Antisemitism Awareness Act would mandate that the Department of Education legally adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) definition of antisemitism when enforcing anti-discrimination rules. 
42% : "This violence has to stop immediately," Trump told Fox News Digital early Wednesday morning.
38% : Like at other universities across the country, anti-Israel students at Stanford have created an encampment in the White Plaza portion of the northern California college campus to protest Israel's military offensive in the Gaza Strip. 
31% : " Pro-Palestinian agitators clashed with pro-Israel students on UCLA’s campus overnight, with local officials warning students that the campus was "out of control" and "no longer safe.
20% : Trump made the assertion following a night of discord on Columbia University's campus as New York Police Department officers clashed with students protesting in support of Palestinians.

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