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Most Popular Conservative TV Channels

By · Nov 18, 2023 · 3 min read

Most Popular Conservative TV Channels

The world of political news is an ever-changing landscape, with a constant flow of information causing shifts in the political climate. As a result, many news consumers find themselves swept up in the tide of partisan media, which can make it challenging for those seeking unbiased, impartial news. To navigate the world of modern media and discern the “truth” amidst various biases, it’s crucial to understand the direction the industry is heading and the telltale signs of partisan bias.

Partisan media is a defining characteristic of contemporary news. It highlights the challenges and complexities within American political journalism, particularly the struggle to strike a balance between objectivity and partisan viewpoints. Gaining insights into these dynamics not only helps us understand the industry better but also enables us to detect instances when partisan media might attempt to sway our views.

The significance and immediacy of issues stemming from media bias are often underestimated. In our highly interconnected world, the reach of political news extends beyond geographical boundaries. The sway of both conservative and liberal news channels permeates public discourse and influences policy decisions worldwide. This article offers a snapshot of the world of Conservative News TV Channels and the key players that shape the conservative narrative. Let’s dive in.


RankConservative News TVViewership (2023)SubscriberSocial Media
1Fox News74,756,00075,000,0008,400,000
4One America News Network 3,300,0003,700,000255,000

List of Conservative News Channels

4. One America News Network

One America News Network (OANN) is widely regarded as a conservative news outlet. It disseminates conservative-leaning viewpoints, values, and policies on various issues. OANN is owned by the Herring Networks Inc., a family-owned media company. OANN primarily focuses on news reporting and political commentary. It covers national and international news, political developments, and social issues from a conservative perspective. The channel often features conservative commentators and analysts who provide insights into current events. It plays a role in providing an alternative viewpoint to mainstream media for conservative viewers who seek news and commentary that align with their political beliefs.

3. TheBlaze

TheBlaze was launched in 2011, with Glenn Beck serving as its founder and primary figurehead. Beck is a well-known conservative commentator and radio host, and his ideological views heavily influence the channel’s content. The channel features a mix of news programming, talk shows, and opinion-based content. It covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, foreign policy, and social issues, all from a conservative angle. TheBlaze has generated both support and controversy due to its conservative viewpoints. Nevertheless, it has had a notable influence on the conservative media landscape.

2. NewsMax

Newsmax extensively covers political news and events, particularly those related to conservative and Republican politics. It offers a conservative perspective on topics such as elections, policy debates, and government actions. Newsmax has positioned itself as an alternative to what it perceives as a liberal bias in mainstream media. It often criticizes other news outlets for alleged bias and claims to provide a more balanced and fair portrayal of conservative viewpoints. It has been accused of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories, particularly during the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

1. Fox News

Fox News, established in 1996 by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, stands as a prominent conservative American television news channel. Its inception was rooted in a desire to counter what its founders perceived as a liberal bias prevalent in mainstream media. Fox News consistently ranks among the most-watched cable news networks in the United States, wielding substantial influence over public opinion. It has garnered both praise for offering a conservative alternative to mainstream media and criticism for potentially contributing to political polarization in the country. With its influential hosts and unwavering conservative stance, Fox News remains a significant player in American politics and media, contributing to the nation’s ongoing dialogue in the political realm.

In order to acquire the full list of conservative-leaning news outlets (as well as the liberal ones) and their distinctive perspectives in addition to the selected ones in this article, we encourage you to visit the Media Bias Ratings List and check on the news website you are accustomed to watching.

As a part of our mission, we at Biasly believe it’s imperative to grasp the broader trends and forces at play in the political news arena, where the problem of partisan media remains an ever-persistent challenge. By doing so, we can better appreciate the significance of these channels and their role in shaping the political narrative amidst a media landscape characterized by diverse (and often divided) ideological currents.

While our goal is to increase public media literacy, we also recognize that it’s not an easy task! It can be challenging and burdensome even for insiders to identify media bias. Whether you find it difficult to spot media bias and remain impartial while exploring the world of news or not, we assure you that you are not alone! That’s why we introduced our Bias Meter to help news readers identify media bias. We strive to enhance your news-reading experience and ensure that you know what you are reading–and most importantly, free from media bias that penetrates the readers’ lives in subtle ways. For our part, we are always refining our tools and technologies to stay on the side of truth and impartiality.


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