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CNN vs. Fox News – Media Bias Rating Comparison

By · Dec 6, 2021 · 2 min read

CNN vs. Fox News – Media Bias Rating Comparison

There are perhaps no media sources as heavily criticized for their biases as CNN and Fox News. Especially since the dramatic increase in political polarization since the 2016 election, these two news sources have frequently been targeted for their obvious political leanings and compared to each other as a result. Even politicians are often heard defending their choice network, depending on their leanings and inditing the alternative as being even more biased than their preference. But how biased truly are these networks in comparison to each other?

CNN Bias Analysis

CNN is often labeled as one of the most staunchly liberal news sources, and Politic-Nation AI analysis reveals that this is a correct understanding. Although Politic-Nation AI technology is still learning and improving its bias accuracies, the CNN bias rating already leans heavily liberal.

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This is of course, not insignificant, nor is it shocking. This implies a clear liberal bias in the majority of CNN’s publications and their overall company mentality. Interestingly though, some of their individual biases are more center-right leaning than would be assumed for an organization as traditionally liberal as CNN. Commonly considered to be one of the most consistently supported liberal policies, CNN actually has an average of conservative-leaning bias on their abortion policies. Some of their articles covering recent abortion policies have been even further right than the aggregate rating, such as an article on the Supreme Court’s decision about the recent Texas abortion law restricting almost all abortions.

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As expected, there are a multitude of issues on which CNN is consistently liberal-leaning, such as the Electoral College and funding for the police. Though CNN is dominantly a liberal publication, it is evident that they are not as consistently liberal-leaning as they may appear or are portrayed.

Fox News Bias Analysis

Fox News, like CNN, is known for its consistently politicized biases, though it differs in that it is largely conservative-dominant. Also like CNN, despite being heralded as one of the most conservative news outlets, their bias rating is evaluated as moderate-right, perhaps less conservative e than would be expected.

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A positive average rating demonstrates dominant conservative biases throughout the majority of their publications. Especially among the commonly championed conservative policy issues, Fox consistently displays a concrete conservative bias. Two of the most significant examples of this are their bias ratings in support of the border wall and government dependence. Despite most of their articles leaning right, there are certain topics that counter this. One of the most shocking of these is Fox’s criminal justice rating, leaning heavily liberal. This indicates that though Fox is almost always consistently conservative, this cannot be a blanket statement.

Direct Comparison

Overall, though the two networks both display consistent biases on either side of the aisle, there is not a clear winner in terms of which is more biased. On specific policy issues, Fox is more concretely right-leaning, while CNN tends to vary from issue to issue (though it is still dominantly liberal). CNN is also consistently biased, but demonstrates more variety in their biases on specific issues, even on ones commonly accepted to be left-leaning policy preferences. Fox News displays a slightly more biased overall evaluation, but this is only by a small margin and is evidence that neither network exhibits an overwhelmingly significant bias relative to each other. Also, as we continually improve our A.I. algorithms we expect these scores to increase with time and become more accurate.  Please stay tuned.

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