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February 23, 2024

If Michigan Primary Voters Snub Joe Biden, Blame Joe Biden

Why Troubling News:

This is just one of many articles that is very opinion based not being labeled as one. Even the title suggests that. The first issue is the language used that is no way near neutral. Phrases such as "mass murder of Palestinian civilians," "indiscriminately slaughters civilians" are just examples. Further, not even the politicians' portrayal is factual - following sentence proves that: "disgusted by President Biden’s role in arming, financing, and providing diplomatic cover". The author's personal anti-Israeli bias is very clear throughout the article, as his opinion on the actions of President Biden and the Israeli government, characterizing them as "ethnic cleansing," "atrocities," and "slaughter." These are strong, subjective terms that reflect the author's perspective on the events. The whole text, rather than presenting facts, presents the author's viewpoints, and forces the readers to adopt the same rhetorics as it offers no alternative opinions.

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