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June 2, 2024

LGBTQ Pride Month posts from Sesame Street, National Weather Service, Defense Department ignite uproar

Why Troubling News:

Article quotes a couple of angry comments on X (Twitter) over LGBTQ pride posts. It actually does very little reporting or informing, as it is the equivalent of a quick scrolling through X. That fact aside, I find it problematic that it only shows one side of the reactions, making it seem as if all reactions and comments were negative.


  1. SensibleHalibut1

    I read this too. It is extremly troubling how there is a very clear bias and it is shocking how blatant it is.

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  2. HonestOctopus6

    It’s clear virtue signalling for those who are indulgent in their own echo chamber, and thus only taken as serious “journalism” by those who already agree with the message.

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