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February 18, 2024

New presidential rankings place Obama in top 10, Reagan and Trump below Biden

Why Troubling News:

The article is not blatantly biased but contains conservative undertones. From the title, the expediency bias leans conservative because it implies that two Republican presidents, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, got snubbed while the two Democratic ones, Obama and Biden, were ranked higher then they should have. The author, Michael Lee, has a history of working for conservative media outlets such as the Washington Examiner, Bongino.com, and Unbiased America. His tone is slightly negative against the Presidential Greatness Project and how they went about ranking each president. His diction is similarly negative and uses quotes in a way that can create the impression that the contributors to the project are out-of-touch elitists. The article does not include any sources that showcase a different perspective or even a link to the source of the rankings. Overall, the source is biased towards conservatives with subpar reliability.

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