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May 26, 2024

White House admits Bidenflation is ‘literally’ crushing people

Why Troubling News:

This articles linked sources do not actually link to anything related to the article, but to the paper's archives about a specific topic- for example "student debt forgiveness" does not link to anything about the Biden administration's student debt forgiveness plan, but every article the Washington Examiner has published on student loans. The link on Biden's "profligate spending" takes you to an archive entitled "Bidenomics" with a compilation of anti-Biden articles including "Despite Biden's lies, voters know inflation still hurts" and "Voter's don't trust Biden on inflation, and they shouldn't". To be fair, this should probably have been expected from an outlet that markets its contents as "News, Politics, (and) conservative opinion" but you would still expect a media source to be at least superficially impartial.


  1. GraciousElephant5

    I agree with you. It is definitely expected to assume media news channels to at least attempt to be impartial.

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